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[18:34] TACOCAT> ::P
[18:34] TACOCAT> :lol
[18:34] joey> :he's actually ok .... we used to talk about european politics
[18:34] TACOCAT> :rohalilala used that word
[18:35] TACOCAT> :oh ok
[18:35] joey> :and he mentioned something about going to Hyde Park to meet Diana
[18:35] joey> :TACOCAT :)
[18:35] TACOCAT> :loooooooool
[18:35] joey> :hehehehe
[18:35] TACOCAT> :Lady Di?
[18:35] joey> :no
[18:35] joey> :wait
[18:36] joey> :this lady is really crazy
[18:36] TACOCAT> :oh Diana another chatter
[18:36] TACOCAT> :oh ok
[18:36] joey> :
[18:36] joey> :there you go
[18:36] joey> :Hyde Park, UK
[18:37] joey> :SPEAKERS CORNER - HYDE PARK LONDON 24/07/11
[18:37] joey> :It's a lively crowd
[18:37] TACOCAT> :ohhhhhhhhhh lol
[18:37] QUIT: MANchine> Read error: EOF from client
[18:38] joey> :thought about going there myself if I ever get the chance to visit England
[18:38] joey> :TACOCAT :)
[18:38] TACOCAT> :MANchine hates me because I wear a mask and have the 3 vaxes
[18:38] TACOCAT> :he calls me a traitor to freedom
[18:38] MANchine! JOIN #Scripture
[18:38] joey> :You are a protector of freedom. :)
[18:38] joey> :I've seen ppl fight in the stores over the mask and vax
[18:39] joey> :and security usually escorts them out
[18:39] joey> :but for the most part, ppl usually cooperate
[18:41] TACOCAT> :yes
[18:41] TACOCAT> :I have nasty customers too
[18:41] TACOCAT> :but no mask no service
[18:41] TACOCAT> :my place, my rules
[18:41] TACOCAT> :Abbot can say whatever he wants, I abide by federal law
[18:43] joey> :HAHAHAHA
[18:44] joey> :"It's my Constitutional right, joey!!"
[18:44] joey> :Oh really? Does that include everyone around you too?
[18:44] joey> :so yea, I do understand
[18:46] joey> :well TACOCAT ... time to get going
[18:46] joey> :Dulces sueNo :)
[18:46] joey> :\o_
[18:47] QUIT: joey> Quit
[18:47] TACOCAT> :bye bye
[18:47] TACOCAT> :take care
[18:47] TACOCAT> :God bless you
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