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[05:49] grape^> :we are not a doormat to the world
[05:49] grape^> :to be slapped around
[05:49] grape^> :our brethren are not of the world
[05:51] grape^> :and we are not to judge in meat because we will all get there and we are all learning something different every day meaning we are on different pages in life
[05:51] grape^> :but one day those pages will all be read and there will be one language
[05:51] grape^> :a pure languge
[05:52] grape^> :.zeph 3 9
[05:52] logos> :KJV Zephaniah 3:9 For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent. [language: Heb. lip] [consent: Heb. shoulder]
[05:52] grape^> :one consent
[05:52] grape^> :all of one accord
[05:52] grape^> :=)
[05:52] grape^> :will become matured fruit
[05:52] grape^> :ripe
[05:53] grape^> :ready for harvest
[05:53] grape^> :to be eaten
[05:53] grape^> :until then the fruit must mature
[05:53] grape^> :if its eaten too early it can be bitter
[05:53] grape^> :its HIS TIME
[05:53] grape^> :not ours
[05:54] grape^> :Israel and Judah become ONE in HIS HAND
[05:54] grape^> :when He puts His Spirit in them
[05:54] grape^> :they come together
[05:54] grape^> :bone to bone
[05:54] grape^> :as ONE
[05:55] grape^> :we cant spend all our time calling our brethen the enemy lol we are to strengthen one another the true enemy is out there and it isnt our brother
[05:55] grape^> :we must stand together
[05:56] grape^> :not divide and conquer
[05:56] grape^> :we are stronger together
[05:56] grape^> :love not hate brb
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[08:56] grape^> :matthieu did that just happen yesterday?
[08:56] grape^> :ive not been watching the news
[08:56] grape^> :if so that is very serious
[09:25] matthieu> :nothing special grape^
[09:25] matthieu> :just usualstuff
[09:26] matthieu> :
[09:27] matthieu> :
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