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Who are some of the channel attendees?

Here are links to some of the current channel attendee’s web sites (in alphabetical order by IRC nickname). To see some of the channel visitor’s pictures click here.

DISCLAIMER: Just because someone is listed here, does not necessarily mean they agree with everything about the channel. I have just added a link to their web page as a favor to them.

o AltKey
o Beukeboom
o brainout
o CathApol
o DocCas
o duck , who provided logos8.
o Faithful2
o MikeyMike
o [PeaceRoses]
o SubordNst recommended site
o Woodlette
o WordWalkr
o xcatholic or another site.

Nicks that are not linked are out of date and no longer work. If you have an up to date link, please email edub.


For a more humorous look at the channel members.. click here. I thought it was a pretty funny rendering of the channel characters :).

Katerina put together an Obituary Page for those channel members who have passed away here