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How does pete- (the scripture quoting bot) work?

pete- was originally taken from Vladbot source code. Vladbot was later expanded to allow for multiple channel access lists, as well as being coded to use non-blocking IO (if you are not a programmer, this means that it does not wait when it is reading or writing data.. it just does as much as it can at a time).

I incorporated the non-blocking IO into my version of Vladbot without incorporating the multiple channel access lists. I did not like the way the new Vladbot source did the access lists, so abandoned that part of the code.

For security reasons, I also removed all DCC SEND/RECEIVE and NOTE capabilities.

The source for pete- has been successfully compiled on Solaris and Windows NT (Visual C++ 5.0). It is running out of my home computer at the same site as this web server.

Things pete- does not like:

1. Offensive language: pete- recognizes a few words that are configurable. Special characters are ignored when examining what a person is saying.

2. Flooding: pete- assumes that too many lines typed in a row too quickly is flooding. Sometimes (unfortunately) after a split, the server will spew out a lot of text all at once, and pete- assumes that the ones who talked the most are flooding.

3. Repetitiveness: 3 lines of the same text in a row, no matter what the time in-between, is considered repetitiveness, and pete- will ask you to stop.. if you continue, he will ban (devoice) you for the token 5 minutes.

4. Cloning: 3 user@hosts on the channel will result in the 3rd one being kicked on join. All others will be kick/banned if it continues.

How do I use pete-?

Type ?help or ?versions for help

What are the versions pete- supports?

Available versions are:

o KJV, King James Version
o DBY, Darby
o ELB, Elberfelder’s (German)
o GRK, Greek (contains both NT and OT Septuagint)
o HEB, Hebrew
o LSG, Louis Segond (French)
o NIV, New International Version
o RSV, Revised Standard Version
o YLT, Young’s Literal Translation
o ASV, Authorized Standard Version
o DRV, Douay Rheim’s (Catholic) Version with 7 Apochryphal Books
o ESP, Spanish
o ROM, Romanian
o NAS, New American Standard
o NRS, New Revised Standard
o HNV, Hebrew Names Version
o AVO, Authorized Version (OT) with Strong’s Numbering
o AVN, Authorized Version (NT) with Strong’s Numbering

Most of the above versions may be downloaded from the Unbound Website.

What other books does pete- contain?

o ENO, Book of Enoch
o JSH, Book of Jasher

How does pete- calculate the ban time?

To convert from bad-level to ban time ..
if (badlevel <= 110) then
  // 5 minutes for every 10 bad points
   ban-time = 5 + (badlevel/10)*5 (minutes)
else if (badlevel > 110) and (badlevel <= 200) then
  // starting at 60 minutes till 150 minutes ..
   ban-time = (badlevel-50) (minutes)
else if (badlevel > 200) then
   // starting at 3 hours
   ban-time = (badlevel-198) (hours)
end if